NX Tech: Face Recognition

We are born to be unique. Our body, from gene to appearance, fingerprint to iris, all announce our differences between others. In turn, the uniqueness and non-repeatability of those biological characteristics make them effective to identify people. Among available technologies, face recognition is a more mature means that has been widely applied nowadays.

BIG-I has the skill of Face Recognition. Its system conducts following steps:

When you appear in front of BIG-I, its camera will collect an image of your face (step 1). Then it will detect the size and position of your face in the image (step 2). Since the image background, the brightness variation and your head position will impact the effect of detection, the pre-process of the image is necessary. It includes light compensation, grey level transformation, correction arithmetic, noise reduction, smoothing and sharpening, etc (step 3). Then, the features of the face image will be able to extracted (step 4). With the help of the deep learning algorithm of convolutional neural network (CNNs), BIG-I extracts the feature more effectively and efficiently. The next step is face verification by matching the features with template face images in database (step 5). There is a threshold set in advance. When the similarity is over the threshold, it will be considered successfully matched, and then BIG-I can recognize you; If the match fails, BIG-I will consider you as a“stranger”(step 6).

Face Recognition is an important basic skill of BIG-I, based on which many functions can be realized: BIG-I can consider you as its best friend, and establish a hierarchy of relationships around you, then provide different use-permission to different people; BIG-I will satisfy the needs of different people, even provide specific services according to their different preference. Besides, BIG-I consider those people it cannot recognize as “strangers”. It will improve the security of your family by alarming when it sees strangers break into your house.


In one word, face recognition is a step towards Artificial Intelligence, which meanwhile makes it closer to you.

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